10 Things You Never Noticed In The Loud House Intro

10 Hidden Details In The Loud House Intro That Change Everything!

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The sisters in the “Loud House” have Lincoln Loud crashing through the crowded halls, and dodging girls like ping pong balls. He never gets to use the bathroom alone. He has to hide in the garbage can to get a break just to read his comic book alone. But Lincoln knows that life without his crazy sisters would be dull and lonely. So, he’ll have to duck, dodge, push and shove. We all know that’s how they show their love.

The opening theme song is punky, and catchy. There are a couple of versions of the “Loud House” opening theme. There’s the short version. And there is an extended version, where fans can hear the whole theme song. We found some interesting details in both versions you probably never noticed. For instance, do you know what book Lincoln is trying to read? Watch until the end to find out what it is.

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